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Spock's gonna be my Gummy Bear

My new year's resolution was to start blogging and engaging on social media.


I'm so tempted to just end this post right here.

I know, I know. I'm terrible.

I made a new website and I have done a whole bunch of stuff since the last time I tried to crawl out of my hermit cave, and I could easily sit here and dump a ton of data on you, but I won't.

You are gonna have to find out what I've been up to one thing at a time.

Today's topic is Spock. Check out all of his majesty.

When I brought Spock in for his shots, I found out he has Feline Lymphoplasmacytic Gingivitis Stomatitis (everyone just calls it stomatitis), an incredibly painful chronic incurable autoimmune disorder.

In English, he's allergic to his own teeth.

Cats are stoic about pain, and he already had it when we got him, so we thought his quirky behavior was just his personality. Drooling is cute, right? Howling is cute, right? And bad breath...that's within normal for cats, right?

So sorry Spock; I'm an idiot. It's just that he was so loving and seemed so happy. I had no idea.

I can either put him on steroids and have his teeth cleaned and polished every few months until the steroids give him diabetes and a host of other diseases, and then finally get his teeth out when I have no other choice years down the road.


I can have all his teeth removed now. It's called full mouth extraction and it is his only hope for a pain free life. It causes full remission in only 60 percent of cases, but that statistic includes cats that went the other route for years before extraction. The chances of full remission are higher if you do the surgery early. I feel good about his chances.

His surgery is scheduled for Wednesday at Sherwood South Animal Hospital. They are awesome, and in fact they do dental work for the Audubon Zoo. We'll have our Gummy Bear home by Friday, and if all goes well, he should be eating dry food and living a normal life within a week or so.

Wish us luck!

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